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Definition of Societal Benefit


Funders of the KTP Programme have provided the following clarifications regarding Societal Benefit:


  • As for any KTP proposal, funders are looking for the following:
    • A credible link between benefits and the KTP project – ability to demonstrate a credible link from the direct outcomes of the KTP and its plans for exploitation, to the benefits proposed
    • High levels of innovation and challenge – the need for academic involvement, with a view to delivering transformational change both for the host organisation but also for the impacted population


  • Impact should be defined in terms of both reach (size of the population impacted) and the significance of the impact.  Level of impact will be considered as a balance between the two – so a project which only impacts on a relatively small population would need to demonstrate the likelihood of significant, transformative impact.  (Funders would also be looking for this impact to be leveraged to a wider audience, through further exploitation/dissemination plans etc.)


  • Categories of Societal Benefit (indicative rather than exhaustive)
    • Health
    • Societal wellbeing
    • Cultural & Creative Outcomes
    • Education
    • Environment/Energy
    • Safety
    • Job creation


  • Depending on the type of societal benefit, there may or may not be the opportunity to link it to a quantifiable economic case – but this should be done where appropriate (both to demonstrate impact and to increase the number of funders who may be willing to support the project).


  • Timescales – timescales for delivery of societal benefits may be more flexible than for the economic case but funders are looking for early delivery of benefits wherever possible, and need to see indicators and milestones within the lifetime of the KTP that demonstrate progress to delivery of the full benefits identified in the proposal.  It would be expected that projects would include a pilot or similar with defined key performance indicators to measure success both at the end of the project and ongoing, plus clear dissemination plans where appropriate to maximise the impact.


KTP Management Board – January 2013


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