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Knowledge Transfer: New game, new rules


JISC infoNet launch new infoKit for Knowledge Transfer.
JISC say that ”Knowledge Transfer, and specifically the transfer of innovation and intellectual property from colleges and universities to businesses and other communities, is a changed game. In many significant ways the context has changed, the skills and tools required have changed, and innovation practice has changed…..but nobody has bothered to update the manual: to set out the new rules of the game!”

“This resource integrates current innovation theory, modern social media tools and current thinking on market behaviour or motivation, to provide a more effective model of Knowledge Transfer; a model that is capable of delivering more with less.”

“This rich and practical resource demonstrates the benefits of a more progressive and less proprietorial approach to knowledge transfer, and makes a strong case for a new, open, technology-enabled approach which has potentially wide applicability across the sector. Woven throughout the resource are a number of sound key principles which reflect leading thinking in the area and which will resonate widely in the current climate of austerity and public accountability.”

View the new infoKit at



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