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What is Organisational Knowledge?


Whilst organisational knowledge is unique to a firm (Kay 1993), the knowledge of an organisation is in fact a collective understanding (Wittgenstein 1958) that represents a combination of the knowledge that the organisation itself holds to make action possible, and the heuristic knowledge held by individuals within that organisation to make such action effective (Tsoukas & Vladimirou 2004).


Kay, J. (1993) ‘Foundations of Corporate Success’, New York: Oxford University Press.

Tsoukas, H. & Vladimirou, E. (2004) ‘What is organisational knowledge’ in Little, S. & Ray, T. (eds.) (2005) Managing Knowledge, London, Sage, pp. 85-106 (First published in Journal of Management Studies, 38 (7), pp. 973-93).

Wittgenstein, L. (1958) ‘Philosophical Investigations’, Oxford: Blackwell.


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